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Thank me very much !!!
About the Author

Tessa Smit overcame adversity by choice. Tessa Smit

With determination she transformed being depressed, overweight and single, qualifying her to serve as your epiphany guide. Combining intuition with a pragmatic approach she has honed her choosing skill.

She’s committed to empowering you to make effective choices, to live in ease, freedom and authenticity.

This Certified Internal Auditor expanded the meaning of internal audit, fathoming significant landmarks in her inner landscape. Curiously exploring and mapping her inner world, she now makes it her mission to give you guided tours in yours.

Thus Tessa contributes accessible inspiration to catalyzing a global shift to free choice.

Supporting you with a realistic vista of opportunities she presents online encouragement-audios and assists you in creating a turning point in your life with her programs and events featured on her website: www.thankmeverymuch.com.

Her webinars and interviews showcase practical applications of her teachings to specific topics.

During her speaking engagements her spellbound audience comes home to choosing skills they may not have used but that through her conveyance feel owned and available. When sharing the stage with subject matter experts, synergies and cross-pollination are self-evident. Tessa can be booked for your event via info@thankmeverymuch.com.

Universal White Time Healing is the beacon on her path to enlightenment. This intense yet subtle energy illuminates her road to new opportunities. Tessa is a Supreme Teacher, regularly educating students, teachers and high teachers in Dutch, English and German. She is humbled by this energy’s profound impact that not only taught her to love herself but also to start believing in God and Angels (They’re hard to ignore while exploring pure light energy!).

You can join upcoming classes at: www.beyondcourse.com

Daily she enjoys painting her life on the canvas of her awareness, savoring her choices and relishing the benefits they open up for her.

HomeFree contentAbout the AuthorPrograms & EventsAnd more...Nederlands/DutchDeutsch/German